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Dead Cells | Fatal Falls DLC Gets An Official Release Date

by Morgan Shaver

Dead Cells fans eager to get their hands on the second DLC, Fatal Falls, received a bit of good news this morning in the form of a release date announcement from Motion Twin. Accompanying this announcement was a short gameplay trailer that offers “a taste of what’s to come” and after watching this trailer we have to say, we’re genuinely excited. 

Dead Cells | Fatal Falls DLC Gets An Official Release Date

In a tweet today from indie studio Motion Twin, it was revealed that the Fatal Falls DLC for Dead Cells will officially release on January 26 across all platforms, PC and consoles. Similar to the The Bad Seed DLC that was released last year, you can purchase the Fatal Falls DLC for Dead Cells for $4.99 as long you own the base game. 

If you don’t own the game yet but want to, Motion Twin added a reply to their original tweet that you may be interested in: 

“Nintendo users – you can preorder the DLC, or a new bundle with the base game + Fatal Falls + The Bad Seed. BUT if you buy the bundle now you will not be able to play the base game until the Fatal Falls release date.”

Being able to buy a bundle with everything together will certainly make things easier, even if you do have to wait until the Fatal Falls release date (January 26) to jump in and start playing. For those wondering what to expect from the Fatal Falls DLC, here’s information from a Steam post from Motion Twin.

“We have made 2 new mid-game biomes which are alternative paths to Stilt Village/Clock Tower and Slumbering Sanctuary/Forgotten Sepulcher. One is the Fractured Shrines, which is a load of floating islands connected by ledges that are covered with traps and ready to drop you into the abyss below.

When you’re not falling you’ll be dealing with pagan snake people and giant statues with even bigger axes. After that you’ll enter The Undying Shores where you need to descend a cliff in the middle of a storm. Some caves offer a way out of the rain but they’re full of weird experiments and undead healers, so good luck getting out!

Obviously, no DLC is complete without a boss to mess up at the end. So we’ve added The Mausoleum – the home of a gardener who adores flowers and mushrooms. Unfortunately you are neither of those things…

And if you want a handy alert when the DLC is available, you can wishlist it and Steam will send you an email as soon as it’s live.”

The post goes on to mention the bundle again, stating: 

“If you already own Dead Cells, there will be a ‘complete the set’ bundle introduced on the 26th, which will save you 15% on The Bad Seed & Fatal Falls so make sure to look out for that!”

For more on the Fatal Falls DLC for Dead Cells, check out the full gameplay trailer below, and keep an eye out for the DLC’s release on January 26! 


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