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Dead by Daylight Tumbles Down the Rabbit Hole with New “Alice in Wonderland” Collection

Curiouser and curiouser!

by Daphne Fama

The Dead by Daylight team has just announced their new collection, inspired by the classic surreal story, Alice in Wonderland.

Dead by Daylight Tumbles Down the Rabbit Hole with New “Alice in Wonderland” Collection

There are quite a few similarities between the Fog and Alice in Wonderland. Victims or Survivors wind up in the Fog through a tumble into the mist, where nothing makes sense. There, they encounter surreal companions and enemies, and must fight to find a way back topside.

The trailer for this collection has The Huntress paging through a copy of Alice in Wonderland, which is funny because I’m pretty sure The Huntress can’t read. But in the book, we see quite a few concept sketches for both survivors and killers.

The skins showcased are the Red Queen for The Huntress. A missed opportunity, as The Huntress is our bunny character and The Skull Merchant would make an excellent Red Queen. But I think we can all agree that The Huntress is the better choice for executions and Moris.

 Kate Denson, our resident blonde, is Alice.

Ace Visconti, always suited, is the Mad Hatter. Complete, of course, with bright blue eyeshadow.

Our Cheshire Cat is Nea Karlsson. And, honestly, the cosmetic really suits her.  

But the best cosmetic must be the Jabberwocky, which goes to The Artist. Quite a bit of detail has been poured into this cosmetic, and the vest is adorable. The Artist consistently has some of the best killer skins in the game, and the Jabberwocky doesn’t fail her.

If you love these cosmetics, you can purchase them now in Dead by Daylight’s in-game shop. The Jabberwocky cosmetic costs 1,485 Auric Cells (approximately $14.85 USD), while the rest of the cosmetics costs 1,100 Auric Cells ($11 USD).

But if you prefer your cosmetics free, be sure to grab these Meet Your Make shirts for survivors before the codes expire: All Meet Your Maker Codes for Dead by Daylight.

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