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DayZ Heading to the PS4 – No Release Date Confirmed

by Prima Games Staff

The post apocalyptic, zombie infested, fictional nation of Chernarus is getting ready to see a whole lot more foot traffic, and we aren’t talking about the undead.

During the Sony press conference at Gamescom yesterday, Dean “Rocket” Hall, Project Lead of the DayZ Standalone announced that the hugely successful survival horror game would be making its way to the PlayStation 4. Although no release date was given, it was mentioned that it would be more than just a port. For gamers such as ourselves who prefer the comfort of a DualShock 4 Wireless Controller over a mouse and keyboard, this is welcome news.

Since its arrival as an early access title on Steam late last year, DayZ has sold more than two million copies at a cool $29.99 USD each. While the accuracy of our mathematical skills should be taken with a grain of salt, our calculations show a figure that is creeping up on $60 million.

For more information on DayZ and its journey toward a PS4 release date, keep a tab open to Prima Games. For now, check out one of the best DayZ videos ever made, straight from the YouTube channel of the bandit hunter himself, Mr. Blackout.

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