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Days Gone Star Streams the PS4 Exclusive While Revealing Behind-the-Scenes Tales

by Liana Ruppert

Sam Witwer has been a busy man when it comes to his acting career, but what many might not know is that the Star Wars talent is also a huge game and he even has his own Twitch channel. Because of that love of gaming, it’s not surprising that the voice of Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John would take to his channel to play with himself a bit.

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But it’s not just gameplay of the PS4 exclusive, the actor also delved into some behind-the-scenes action to give fans a glimpse at what the journey was like bringing this game to launch. From insight into the production process, to his own reaction to the more non-linear components, for fans of the open-world zombie thriller, his stream is well worth the watch. 

 As for Days Gone itself, the latest PS4 exclusive is now available. You can check out our full review here, with a small blurb below:

“Overall, Days Gone felt alright. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t even good at times, but was saved by select charm found in Deacon as a character, the bike mechanics that offered total immersion in the open-world, and the few moments within the story that offered something of value outside of the traditional zombie trope. 

It’s a decent game, one worth trying out and one that hides a few secrets for those willing to find them, but it seemed to be shipped in pre-pubescent stage, never truly reaching its fully-grown potential.”

Liana Ruppert

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