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Dauntless Haunted Shadows Is Now Live

by Liana Ruppert

It’s Halloween and for those that are in areas that are far too cold to go do anything in – hi, it me – there are always our beloved video games and festive events to keep us company. One such event is the latest Hunt Pass – Haunted Shadows – in Dauntless and it’s available now! 

According to the studio behind this incredibly enjoyable combat game, “A week of long nights and longer shadows is about to descend on the city of Slayers. Starting on October 24, perpetual night sinks its teeth into Ramsgate, shrouding the city in an uneasy darkness. But this season of shadows isn’t all doom and gloom. Look forward to glowing gourds, candlelit stalls, and the return of some of our favourite spooky items, including the “From Below” arrival emote.”

Hunters will also notice a few “troubling transmissions” in-game thanks to glyphs created by the Unseen cult. Dark Harvest has made them active once more, but draw them out because there’s a huge surprise that awaits. 

As for Haunted Shadows itself, slayers can fight to earn a unique set of cosmetic armor on either the Elite or Basic track. There’s also the Ultra Armor of Elite track for level 50. 

The newest update doesn’t just bring about a Halloween treat, it also added a few quality of life improvements as well as a few other gameplay tweaks. Some of these changes includes an AFK timer meant to stop deserters. There’s also some major cleaning done to how the compass works in-game as well. 

Players can also toggle the Patrol Chest off and on, though make sure to remember to turn it back on if you want some of those bonus rewards. 

The festivities are live now with Dauntless Haunted Shadows on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Learn more about the game with our Dauntless Hub right here to see what else is new! 

Liana Ruppert

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