Bethesda have finally released some info on 3 sections of DLC for Fallout 3.

The first release is set for January 2009 and is titled Operation: Anchorage. The content consists of a military simulation that takes the player on a virtual version of a historical moment in Fallout’s history; the battle of Anchorage, when the future of Alaska was threatened by Chinese invaders.

February will bring us The Pitt, a post-apocalyptic rendering of Pittsburgh, now an industrial raider town. In this the player will have to make tough allegiance decisions designed to trouble the more morally conscious wasteland wanderers.

The third announced add-on is Broken Steel, and should arrive in March. In this, the player will be made a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and recruited to help kill off the final Enclave members left in the Capital Wasteland. These events take place after the main quest of the game.

We are yet to learn of the exact price of the DLC, but what we do know, due to Pete Hines reaffirming the facts in a piece to MTV Multiplayer, is that the add-ons, in a number of ways will be similar to Oblivion’s add-on quest, Knights of The Nine.

The significance of the similarity to Knights of The Nine, is most-likely routed in that you are sent a letter or approached by an NPC in your existing saved game, opening up a new Quest.

Also Knights of The Nine lasted a fair while, and cost 800 Microsoft Points, which could again be of significance.

PC-owning modders can rejoice as Bethesda is bringing out their G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) toolkit as a freebie in December.

This will allow users to edit as they like through the wasteland and play around with every aspect of the game.

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