Bethesda have revealed the date and cost for the fifth Fallout 3 DLC pack. Mothership Zeta is to be released on 3rd August this year, at a cost of 800 Microsoft Points.

Bethesda also treated fans to a little more information on the actual content. The new addition will have you following a signal to a crashed UFO before being abducted by little, presumably green, men.

The player is taken aboard aliens’ mothership and must escape whilst making use of a whole host of new weapons. Goodies amongst the loot include an Alien Disintegrator, an Alien Atomiser, a Drone cannon and outfits such has Samurai Armour and a Gemini-Era Spacesuit.

As previously announced, a Game of the Year edition of Fallout is to be released with the whole 5 DLC packs included. This should be out on all platforms by October despite the fact Bethesda have just delayed the PS3 DLC release date.