In the rule of game sequels, there’s always room for one more... depending on the fan demand and what kind of idea a publisher has in mind for it. With Darksiders II, Vigil Games is definitely excited to show a new vision – and direction – for its ongoing series, and it could very well move beyond that if the sequel sells very well with gamers out there.


Haydn Dalton, lead designer on the sequel over at Vigil, talked with VideoGamer about the possibilities of a third chapter in the series, and he does have some ideas for it, but it really depends what kind of business the sequel can drum up.


Dalton stated that if the game manages to eke out “4 or 5 million units” in sales, THQ president Jason Rubin could easily see the possibilities for another game, giving the troubled publisher something to work towards. However, he stated that the third game would “reduce the scope so that we can make it even higher polished.” This would result in better focus and even with a smaller world, gamers should still be thrilled with the prospect.


Hey, if Saints Row the Third can push past four million units, we’re pretty sure Darksiders II can do similar business. We’ll find out when the game releases August 14th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and later on for Wii U.