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Dark Souls Dominates With 2.4 Million Sales Worldwide

by Prima Games Staff

It seems a lot of people really don’t mind the idea of dying over and over again to get somewhere in video games.

From Software has reported during a press conference that the highly lauded Dark Souls has managed to rack up 2.3 million sales.  500,000 of those sales came from Japan, while the other 1.8 million came between North America and Europe.

Meanwhile, news is quickly gathering over the upcoming sequel Dark Souls II between the release of a new trailer and IGN broadcasting 12 minutes of gameplay footage the other day that was filled with plenty of death.  Though a release date hasn’t come up just yet, the team is devoted to the game’s development.  In fact, the PC version is actually coming along just fine compared to how the PC version of Dark Souls turned out.

You can watch a new trailer, labeled “Despair” at this link and you can check out IGN’s gameplay right here.  It’s definitely looking fantastic thus far and we’ll have a strategic preview in the months ahead as the game closes in on its release sometime later this year (or maybe next year)…

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