Dark Souls 3 – How to Find Anor Londo, Ring of Favor, Chameleon Sorcery Spell

Once you’ve defeated Pontiff Sulyvahn you can head up to Anor Londo and gather a lot of loot along the way!

This guide offers a walkthrough of the latter half of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley that leads to Anor Londo after you defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn in Dark Souls 3. Along the way you will find the Darkmoon covenant, perform the Rite of Avowal, find the Dark Stoneplate Ring, Ring of Favor, Chameleon sorcery spell, Easterner’s Ashes, Painting Guardian’s Curved Sword and more!

Start off at the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and head up the stairs beyond the bonfire to find two Crystal Lizards in the area below. If you have trouble catching both of them just use the bonfire to leave the area, then return and try again. Both Crystal Lizards drop Twinkling Titanite. As you come out of the bonfire area, to the far right is an item corpse that holds a Large Titanite Shard.

Collect the loot, then head up the stairs to the far left. There’s a corpse hanging over the upper ledge that you can’t access yet. To the right is an open area filled with giants and a few Deacons of the Deep lining the ledges, ready to rain fire down upon you.

Ignore the giants for now and head to the immediate left into the covered hallway. There are stairs going up to the area where the Deacons await, but first head to the far end and take down the Irithyllian Slaves. Two of them are sorcerers so watch out for their magic spells. In the corner you’ll find a corpse holding a Dark Stoneplate Ring.

Collect the loot then head up stairs and clear out the Deacons that line the upper area. When you get to the three Deacons at the very end of the upper walkway, if you have an active Ember pay close attention because you will likely be invaded by two AI invaders, Aldrich Faithful Talib and Aldrich Faithful ZJesus. One will appear a short time before the other, down where the giants are sleeping.

While you can fight both invaders at the same time, it’s best to move away until you can safely attack one while the other is at a bit of a distance. Both have ranged magic attacks, so never let your guard down. Luckily they don’t have a lot of health and go down quickly once you get them isolated. However, if they gang up on you it can be difficult to deal with both simultaneously. If they don’t appear while you’re fighting the Deacons, they will appear as soon as you approach the far side of the area.

Once the Deacons are down head in the opposite direction toward the stairs you just came up. Just after the stairs there’s another staircase leading up to an archway. Go up the next staircase and through the archway at the top. Look to the left to see a lift that will lower you back down to the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire, giving you a nice shortcut of sorts.

Go back up the lift and continue up the stairs to the right (facing away from the bonfire). Circle around and go down the next flight of stairs. Around the next corner is a Crystal Lizard. Kill it to obtain a Simple Gem, then head back toward the lift.

On the other side if the lift is another staircase. Go up the stairs and down the next flight, then look to the right to see a chest. Unfortunately, this chest is a Mimic so attack it instead of trying to open the chest. Kill the Mimic to find the Golden Ritual Spear.

Head back outside where you fought the Deacons and go right as soon as you exit the structure and go down the stairs. Collect the Large Titanite Shard on the corpse that was hanging over the ledge from before. Now you can fight the giants if you so choose. While you’ll miss some loot, you can just head to end of the Deacon area and go right to get to the top of the stairs on the far side of the giant area.

If you decide to take on the giants, drop down to find that most of these giants are already dead. The first one that’s alive is the third one on the left side. If you want to be as safe as possible, attack from behind the first giant lying on the ground. From this distance the living giant won’t chase after you, but it will likely take some time to kill with only ranged attacks.

If you choose to engage at close range, be mindful of the giant’s powerful attacks. It can attack with either hand and will attempt to stomp on you if you’re too close. All of these attacks have deceptive range and can be difficult to avoid if you’re not prepared to dodge. The only other giant that is alive is the last one on the right side. Once again, keep your distance and it won’t pursue, but you can fight at close range if you choose.

Watch out for the two Unkindled that attack from the far side. Both of these enemies attack simultaneously and should be treated like the two invaders from before. Retreat until you can fight them one at a time. Both imbue their weapons with dark magic, so a 100 percent physical damage shield will not be enough to avoid all damage. Like the invaders, these enemies don’t have a ton of health and go down fairly quickly if you can separate them. Defeat the two enemies and one drops the Drang Twinspears weapon.

Collect the Soul of a Weary Warrior in the middle of the area, and the two Embers on the other item corpses (hiding under the living giants), then continue up the stairs on the far side of the area. When you reach then archway at the top, head inside the building. There’s a staircase to the right going up. But if you attack the wall in the far left corner you’ll reveal a ladder going down. There are two powerful enemies below, but a lot of loot as well.

It’s a long way down, so it’s best not to simply drop down. Take the ladder down to find two more enemies identical to the Sulyvahn’s Beast you fought on the bridge when you first entered Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. There’s also quite a bit of loot below.

If you choose to battle the two beasts, it’s important to use ranged attacks to lure one over to the area by the ladder. This is where you should fight for the best chance at avoiding having to fight them both at once. Watch out for the lunging bite attacks and stay toward the back sides of the beasts and this should be identical to the fight on the bridge from before.

Once the beasts are down you are awarded with the Ring of Favor and you can collect the Human Dregs and Deep Gem from the item corpses. Light the Water Reserve bonfire in the middle of the area, then look in the far left corner to see Archdeacon McDonnell. Speak with him and join his covenant to obtain the Aldrich Faithful item. This completes the small basement area so head back up the ladder.

When you reach the top head up the stairs and turn around to find a Titanite Scale on the corner of the ledge. In the other direction there are archers on the rooftops waiting to attack you with greatbows. Head to the right and drop down to the ledge below. Circle around to the right to find an item corpse holding a Large Titanite Shard.

Your best option is to use ranged attacks on the Silver Knight on the ledge above. From your present position you can just barely shoot at its head and possibly even knock it off the ledge. The other alternative is to run up the rooftop and attack at close range. However, doing this puts you in visible range of the two Silver Knights on the upper ledge just ahead, which can be troublesome. You can also attempt to run all the way to the top, dodging great arrows as you go, but one missed dodge and it could be the end for you.

When you reach the top, there’s a staircase to the right, but take down the two Silver Knights up here first. As long as you don’t venture too far from where the first one is standing, the second one won’t notice you or attack. It’s much easier to take these enemies out one at a time.

Clear the two enemies, then head down the stairs to reach a corpse that holds Easterner’s Ashes. Go back up to the top area and head in the opposite direction to find another Silver Knight in the corner waiting to ambush you at the end of the path. Kill him then look down to the rooftop below to see two more Silver Knights. Use a ranged attack to draw the closest one up to you, then take out the other one.

Use the rooftop to move down to the lower level. You can circle around to the right and head through the archway, but first take the next rooftop down to the ledge of the adjacent building. Circle around the left side to find another corpse that holds a Large Titanite Shard. Continue to circle and take the bridge into the next building. Climb down the ladder and open the gate to create a shortcut to the area where the Deacons reside.

Head back up to the archway you passed before. Along the way you can drop down off the rooftop to collect a Dragonslayer Greatbow and five Dragonslayer Greatarrows that are visible on an item corpse on the lower rooftop. If you drop down you must continue to drop until you reach the area where the Deacons are located, then work your way back up.

When you get to the archway go down the stairs and head right to speak with the Pilgrim here to obtain the Sword of Avowal (if you’ve been keeping up with Anri’s quest). Continue into the next room to find the Brass Helm, Brass Armor, Brass Gauntlets and Brass Leggings to the left.

Keep moving to the end of the hall and look in the far right corner to find a chest that holds a Reversal Ring. If you’ve been following Anri’s questline you can perform the Rite of Avowal by interacting with the body in the middle of the room. This gives you three more Dark Sigil, which is needed to see the best ending when you complete the game.

Head back to the Pilgrim to find that she is dead, but left behind a Chameleon sorcery spell. Continue up the stairs and through the small circular room. At the end of the path there’s a corpse that holds an Ember. Collect the loot then access the lever to the right to lower the tower ahead and create a bridge.

Move across the bridge and up the stairs, then push the lever at the top to move the tower once more. Head across the next bridge and light the Anor Londo bonfire. Welcome to Anor Londo, but you’re not done yet.

Head back over to the previous lever and push it again. Now it’s time for a walk of faith. There’s a balcony that appears to lead nowhere with a cracked edge. Walk off this balcony toward the bonfire ahead. Don’t worry, you can’t fall off the invisible walkway until you reach the bonfire and drop down. Light the Prison Tower bonfire and speak with Yorshka, Captain of the Darkmoon Knights to the left. You can perform the Darkmoon Loyalty to join the Darkmoon covenant to receive the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant item.

Go inside the tower, equip the Silvercat Ring if you have it, and drop down to the ledge directly below on the far right side. Walk out onto the beam closest to the item below and line yourself up with the next beam directly below you (angle the camera so it’s pointing down to make these drops easier). Drop down and collect the Painting Guardian’s Curved Sword. Drop down to the center platform below, then look down to see another item corpse. Drop down by the corpse and collect the Painting Guardian Hood, Painting Guardian Gown, Painting Guardian Gloves and Painting Guardian Waistcloth.

Drop through the narrow hole to the left of the corpse and drop down to the center platform below. Drop down onto one of the two beams running below the platform, then again to the cross beam below. Drop down to the final platform, then down to the ground floor and head down the stairs in the corner to reach the Church of Yorshka bonfire. If you’re planning to go to Anor Londo, use this bonfire to reach the Anor Londo bonfire.

At this point you can continue on to Anor Londo or head back to our Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and guide to explore other areas!

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