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Dark Souls 2 will Punish You with The Lost Crowns Trilogy DLC

by Prima Games Staff

Dark Souls 2 is proof that millions of people still want high quality games on those dusty Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Either that, or they’re gluttons for punishment, since Dark Souls 2 is one of the toughest and most unforgiving video games in recent memory. That said, we’re proud to reveal the The Lost Crowns trilogy, three downloadable chapters coming not only to consoles, but also PC.

Featuring new areas populated by unknown enemies and challenges, the Dark Souls 2 DLC kicks off with the first chapter, Crown of the Sunken King, which debuts June 22nd. Crown of the Old Iron King follows on August 26th, with the conclusion, Crown of the Ivory King, releasing September 24th. Oddly enough, there will be a Season Pass on Steam for PC players, and it appears a similar offer will not be made available on consoles.

Although Namco Bandai did not go into much detail on each chapter, Crown of the Sunken King takes place within pyramids beneath a cavern, with players attempting to reclaim the crowns belonging to Drangleic’s King Vendrick.

Providing you beat Dark Souls 2 using our free walkthrough, which also includes a boss guide, prepare to meet a new challenge when The Lost Crowns trilogy arrives this summer.

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