Dark Souls 2 Guide: Heide’s Tower of Flame- How to Find the Dragonrider

How to defeat enemies in Heide’s Tower of Flame in part six of Prima’s Dark Souls 2 complete walkthrough.

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The first set of enemies in Heide’s Tower cannot be approached like the mindless creatures in the Forest of Fallen Giants. However, once the first two enemies are defeated, they do not reappear, even after death or resting at a bonfire. Head down the walkway and engage the first enemy below. Stay close to it and avoid the first vertical attack, move to the right and behind the enemy to avoid the second attack, which is a horizontal swing. The third attack is also a horizontal swing, but it swings in the opposite direction, which means you need stay behind the enemy, but more to other side to avoid the end of the horizontal swing.

To recap, run to the right to avoid the first attack, stay on the right but move behind the enemy to avoid the second attack, then move to the left side while still remaining behind the enemy to avoid the third attack. Dodge all three attacks, then counter with your own attacks until the enemy repeats its attack pattern.

Move down the path to the right to find another bonfire. Ignite the fire, then head up the stairs to meet the second enemy. This battle is a little trickier. Against the first enemy, staying close forced it into a specific attack pattern. However, the second enemy may vary its attacks, even if you stay close. It attacks with a series of two horizontal swings followed by a single vertical swing, or a series of one or two vertical swings.

The ideal battle strategy is to stick close to the enemy, but remain directly in front of it. As long as you don’t veer off to either side, this should force it to use the vertical attacks that are easily evaded by moving to the right or left. This is where it gets tricky. You need to stay either directly in front of the enemy, or directly behind it. Moving too far to the left or right will initiate the horizontal attacks, which are difficult to evade.

If you can maintain proper positioning, the enemy will use a single vertical attack, then turn and attempt another singular vertical attack. Between the attacks, you can hit the enemy once or twice before moving again. If the enemy attempts a horizontal attack, roll away as quickly as possible. Wait for the next two attacks, then approach again in an attempt to trigger the vertical attack pattern.

Defeat the second enemy, then head to the end of the walkway to find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Human Effigy. Head up the stairs and pick up the item to the right of the door to find another Lloyd’s Talisman. If you do not engage the third enemy, it will not attack.

Head down the path and into the circular area ahead. There are three more enemies here, but you do not need to fight them. The objective is to head out the doorway to the right, but if you go left, you will find two more enemies and a dead end pathway to the left that provides a Divine Blessing. The enemy in the middle attacks as soon as you step into the area, but the other two enemies stay by their respective doorways.

Go through the doorway to the right and follow the path to the area below. On the right is a small, separated section with a chest that holds Rubbish. On the opposite side of the area is another enemy that blocks the mist beyond. Once again, you do not need to engage the enemy. Simply lure it away from the mist, then when the path is clear, head inside to begin a boss battle against the Dragonrider. 

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