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Daemon X Machina Introduces Mech Combat to Nintendo Switch

by Larryn Bell

Nintendo opened their E3 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation with guns blazing in their reveal of Daemon X Machina, a stylized mech simulator headed to the Nintendo Switch. What better way to show off what the Nintendo Switch has to offer than displaying a bunch of mechs engaging in fast, visceral combat, with bullets and lazers whizzing by the screen in chaotic fashion. 

From developer Marvelous Entertainment, Daemon X Machina is an explosive mech simulator coming to Nintendo Switch sometime next year. Beyond the official game trailer revealed today, there’s currently not a whole lot of information available about the game. We do know that the game is being made by Armored Core developer Kenichiro Tsukuda, and the gameplay certainly looks intense. 

In the trailer for Daemon X Machina, smaller mechs seem to team up against larger ones, taking them down slowly, piece by piece. We do not know if the game features multiplayer, but a mech game where you team up with your friends to take down difficult larger boss enemies sounds like a recipe made in heaven. You can check out the intense, stylized mech combat in the trailer below.

Daemon X Machina does allow for fully customizable mech weaponry setups, which will allow players to take down some powerful foes and machinery. Weapons dropped by enemies can be equipped on the fly as well, allowing you to try new combat mechanics during battle.

Daemon X Machina is planned on being released sometime in 2019 for Nintendo Switch console. For more from Nintendo’s E3 presentation, check out the trailer for the upcoming Overcooked sequel, as well as the newly revealed character roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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