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Cyberpunk 2077 Promises “No Filler,” Everything, Including Quests, Will Have Meaning

by Liana Ruppert

There’s no getting around it: Cyberpunk 2077 looks incredible. The open world of Night City looks to be expansive and with CD Projekt RED has previously mentioned there was no building left unexplored, many are wondering if this will be the case of yet another open world filled with fluff and wanting for substance. Meaningless fetch quests, repeating NPC lines; the works. For those worried that this may be the case for Cyberpunk 2077, don’t be – the team has been, and continues to be, meticulous in this arena. 

During the debut episode of Cyberpunk 2077’s showcase for Night City, CD Projekt RED unloaded a ton of info about the upcoming neon adventure. From the badlands to … uh, genital customization, there was a lot to unpack, but the studio also addressed concerns when it comes to fluff. 

Lead quest designer Pawel Sasko mentioned during the showcased that there is absolutely “no filler” when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077, instead saying that they have “learned so much” from The Witcher 3 and that “everything, every mission” will “mean something” in terms of the quality of experience. No fluff quests, no repeating lines, no busywork – just unlimited NPC interaction and branching narratives to make Night City even more of a wonder to behold. 

The previous showcase was just one of several episodes coming from the studio over the next several months, especially since the game has seen yet another delay. Now releasing in November, the team is making sure to put all of their attention to each detail, ensuring as much of a bug-free launch as possible so that players can enjoy their time in the underbelly without any hitches.

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As for the game itself, Cyberpunk 2077 was hit with another delay, but the good news is that it is still slated for a 2020 launch. The team has been working hard on their upcoming adventure and from what we’ve seen thus far, it will be well worth the wait! 

The new release date for Cyberpunk 2077 is November 19th. You can learn more about the journey thus far with our game hub here, as well as on Twitter @PrimaGames for more Cyberpunk 2077 goodness and gaming news. 


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