Are you getting sick and tired of the battle royale formula? If so, it may be time for some reflection, because the same cynical side of us that grows tired of battle royale may be the same side that could attract us to the upcoming isometric battle royale game, Rapture Rejects. 

Made by the creators of the hilariously pessimistic comic strip Cyanide & Happiness and developed by tinyBuild, Rapture Rejects is about exactly what its title implies: the rapture is upon us, the good have ascended to heaven, and the Almighty has abandoned the rest of us. The rejected (100 players total) are left to fight for survival, but only one can emerge victorious. God certainly has a deranged sense of humor in Rapture Rejects, because the one who wins gets to go to heaven. 

You can get a glimpse of some of the zany action in the new Rapture Rejects trailer above. Players can sign up for the Alpha now on the official Rapture Rejects website. Rapture Rejects is scheduled to launch on PC sometime this year, according to the game’s Steam page. Check back here for more Rapture Rejects updates in the coming months.