Players have just tapped away and got to the second layer of Fable creator’s Peter Molyneux’s MMO experiment, “Curiosity - What’s Inside the Cube?” revealing…well…red so far.

A look at the stats, just after the second layer was reached, showed a total of 194,311 total users and 100,869,636 total cubelets destroyed at an average of 259 cubelets per user. The next layer now has 100,260,412 cublets until its destruction.

While access to the app, available on Android and iOS, has been plagued with technical problems for some people, things do seem to be getting a lot better. The staff 22Cans are hopefully finally getting some sleep now, with extra work likely to be put off till tomorrow.

The initial black outer layer was chipped off to reveal a green image of what kinda looks like the innards of a lava lamp. This next layer is red. What will the next layer be? And just what is inside the cube?

We’ve included a fan-made guide on how to play below: