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Crytek Reveals Dates for Hunt: Showdown’s First Closed Alpha

by Josh Hawkins

Crytek’s upcoming multiplayer bounty hunting game is finally going to available to players as the developer prepares to push the game’s first close alpha out to a select group of PC players at the end of the month.

Starting on January 31, several players will get the chance to dive into Hunt: Showdown’s closed alpha and test out the gameplay, balancing, and functionality. This will give the developers a chance to gather some feedback from the community, which will no doubt help them as they push the game forward towards its eventual release.

If you haven’t followed Crytek’s latest endeavor, then you might now be familiar with Hunt: Showdown at all. In the game players take on the role of a bounty hunter, and they can team up with other hunters as they try to track and kill gruesome creatures for a bounty. The game will feature both PvE and PvP elements, and players will need to keep a constant eye on the world around them as they hunt—not only for monsters lying in wait, but also for other hunters looking to steal their kill.

There is currently no scheduled end date for the closed alpha, and over the coming weeks the game will receive updates in the form of weapons, equipment, traits, and ranks. This will allow the testers to make sure everything that’s added meshes well with the game, and it will give the developers a better sense of what the community wants.

You can sign up for the closed alpha by heading over to the official Hunt: Showdown website. The closed alpha testers will be randomly chosen from the list of people who sign up, so make sure you head over there and toss your name in the hat if you want a chance at helping developing this game into something great.


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