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Could StarCraft: Ghost Still Be Released Someday?

by Prima Games Staff

StarCraft: Ghost is one of those mythical projects in the game industry.  You know the kind we’re talking about; “vaporware” that lingers long as if someone isn’t ready to cancel it just yet.  Just like Duke Nukem Forever, this little project may very well get its day in the sun.

Ten years (!) since its announcement, Diablo 3 senior designer Matthew Burger has gone out on a limb, speaking with the folks at OPM about the fate of the project.  When asked about it, Burger stated that it’s “never been cancelled” and it still remains “on hold,” something Blizzard announced years ago.

But here’s the interesting part.  When Burger was asked if the game would ever get any sort of release, he responded, “Maybe.”  Could Blizzard be possibly planning it for next-gen?  Or is it just more teasing?

Regardless, the game deserves a chance.  This third-person action/adventure shooter has looked promising over the past few years, and if anyone can make it click, surely it’s Blizzard.

We’ll have more information as we get it, but in the meantime, keep those fingers crossed.

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