Hideo Kojima is a legend in the video game world, as the talented developer had helped to bring the likes of the Metal Gear Solid franchise to life. Kojima's current project is the mysterious title of Death Stranding, which is shaping up to be a truly unique game. However, working on Death Stranding did not stop Hideo Kojima from making a cameo appearance in Remedy Entertainment's new game of Control. 

Players will find the Hideo Kojima's Control cameo in the form of a voice recording where the famous developer delivers a voice acting performance for the character of Dr. Yoshimi Tokui. Players will find this unexpected appearance from Kojima in the room where Dr. Yoshimi Tokui's Guided Imagery Experience side mission can be accessed.


In true Kojima fashion, his character of Dr. Yoshimi Tokui takes Control players who are controlling protagonist Jesse Faden through a bizarre experience that includes Kojima talking about how you should tell trees that they deserve love and many more unique statements. 

According to a report by Multiplayer First, the end credits of Control do indeed include Hideo Kojima as confirmation of the developer's voice acting performance for the recently released game. 

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