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The Conjuring House is the Game We Need this Halloween

by Christopher Buffa

The Conjuring House appears to be the type of game that drops you into a scary-looking environment infested with all sorts of nasty creatures, then throws up two middle fingers by refusing to hand over weapons of any kind. No flamethrower. No shotgun. No proton pack from Ghostbusters. All you have is your brain, and there’s no telling how good it will be under extreme stress.  This game also reminds us of Capcom’s Resident Evil 7, Hideo Kojima’s P.T. demo, and The Conjuring movie franchise all wrapped up into one; seriously, The Conjuring is in the game title. 

Yes please. We’ll that and a whole lot more.

In it, you visit this old mansion to investigate the death of the person who used to live there. Of course the place is full of demons, and the head nasty in charge, a terrifying woman, stalks your character throughout the game. She can literally appear from anywhere, hence the title, The Conjuring House (as in the game will “conjure” scares at will).

Gameplay details are scarce, but it seems like you’re tasked with completing objectives throughout the house while avoiding the woman and whatever monsters the game throws your way. Additionally, the graphics look outstanding, with excellent lighting effects, detailed mansion rooms but also occult-inspired imagery that probably factors into the plot.

In the trailer, the person playing almost makes it to a safe room but the door mysteriously slams shut, sealing his or her demise; of course the woman is right behind the player, ready to strike. Cool visual, but we hope the actual game provides multiple ways to escape the mansion’s horrors, as opposed to making a wrong turn and succumbing.

The Conjuring House releases on Steam this month, and we will immediately petition RYM Games for console support. We’ll have more on this cool-looking fright fest in the weeks ahead.

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