Speculation that Mercenaries 2 has been in development has been confirmed by Pandemic.

The game is named Mercanaries 2: World in Flames and will be showcased at the upcoming E3 show this year. The only details released so far is that it isn’t based in Korea, the location of the first title.

"While the original Mercenaries' high-octane, go anywhere, do anything and blow the crap out of everything style was a hit with gamers, the whole experience was screaming to run on next-generation game systems," Pandemic’s CEO Andrew Goldman said.

"And while we're building on the core mercenary experience we created for the original, we've taken full advantage of next-gen technology to offer a more richly detailed, reactive, living world than gamers have ever seen before."

We expect they’re referring to Xbox 360 and PS3 but we’ll probably have to wait for confirmation at E3.

Keep checking the Pandemic site for snippets of information as they’re released.