It’s pretty crazy to hear about a project that never reached fruition here in the game industry, especially when it could have changed things in a remarkable new way.

Chris Davie, a lead environmental artist over at Bizarre Creations when the studio closed down a couple of years ago, posted some videos over on his personal blog, showcasing some footage from a racing game that never found a release.  Judging by the stuff that was shown in these videos, some elements appear to be in common with the company’s Activision racer, Blur.  Sequel maybe?

In the two clips, you can see some stuff that involves the same gaming rhythm as that game, as well as a cool little clip that has cars racing alongside the walls of buildings in Dubai.  Because when you’re racing fast enough, gravity shouldn’t matter, right?

To get a better look at the clips in action, head over here and here.  It’s pretty sweet stuff, even though we’ll never see that sequel to Blur that would feel good right about now.  We want to shoot fireballs at cars!