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Comanche Gamescom 2019 Announcement Confirms Team-Based Online Reboot

by Ginny Woo

For those who have been waiting in the wings for a Comanche title ever since Comanche 4 was kicking around in the early 2000s, it looks like the game finally met the cut for a revival. A surprise Comanche Gamescom 2019 announcement on at the Opening Night live show helmed by Geoff Keighley has confirmed that the helicopter sim is being revived, and by none other than THQ Nordic, no less. With plenty of other Gamescom announcements in the spotlight, this definitely takes our top spot as a contender for a reboot that we weren’t expecting. 

The Comanche Gamescom reboot revitalizes the historic franchise as an online multiplayer experience, complete with dogfights, drone combat, and a number of other exciting features that will delight everyone’s inner helicopter pilot. A THQ Nordic press release after the show also confirmed that players would focus heavily on drone combat alongside the traditional helicopter warfare that Comanche was known for all those years ago.

It was also announced at the Gamescom presentation for the reboot that the game would be moving into early access in 2020, and that fans would be able to contribute to the ongoing development of the title by participating in alpha and beta tests to come later this year. Currently, THQ Nordic’s plans are to have Comanche released on Steam early access in the first quarter of 2020. 

While we’re not quite sure yet about the scope of the involvement that fans are going to have beyond providing feedback to THQ Nordic, the fact that the franchise’s new multiplayer focus has been heavily touted at Gamescom would well signal that a number of hallmarks of modern online PvP games will make an appearance: we could be talking cosmetics, enhancements, and potentially in-game transactions. There’s still quite some time until the game actually moves into early access, but the Comanche Gamescom announcement definitely looked very promising as a revival that comes almost two decades after the last mention of the series. 

We’re going to be covering some other Gamescom goodies for you as they pop up during the week, so make sure that you stay tuned in for the latest and greatest of the event. With announcements from Google, Xbox, CD Projekt Red and more slated to make an appearance, we’re definitely going to be kept busy!

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