Yesterday, we heard from Square Enix that Bravely Default II is headed to Steam. Turns out that isn’t the only game making the trip from Nintendo Switch to other platforms.

Today, Square Enix announced that Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend, ya boy’s favorite JRPG collection, is coming to Steam and mobile platforms. The mobile version is set to arrive on September 22, and the Steam version will follow on October 21, 2021.

Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend Headed to Steam and Mobile

This collection landed on the Nintendo Switch last year, bringing the original three SaGa games (released for the Game Boy as Final Fantasy Legend) to a new platform for the first time.

This new version includes the same extras as the Switch version, such as screen zoom options, some new art and music (in the menus) and a speed boost.

The PC and mobile versions have one new feature each, with the PC version including 4K support and the mobile version having an “easy single-handed play” mode. 

Prices for the new versions of Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend aren’t included in the announcement, but the Switch version’s base price is $19.99. Probably safe to assume that’ll carry over elsewhere. 

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