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Cloudpunk City of Ghosts DLC Releasing on May 25

by Morgan Shaver

The first DLC expansion for Cloudpunk, City of Ghosts, is set to release on May 25. Set after the events of the game’s main campaign, City of Ghosts will offer players a brand new campaign experience that’s fully voiced. It’ll also introduce a mysterious new character named Hayse.

Itching to know more? Here’s what you can expect from Cloudpunk’s first DLC expansion! 

Cloudpunk City of Ghosts DLC Introduces New Character

Described as a “sequel-sized” expansion, the City of Ghosts DLC for Cloudpunk comes packed full of new content for players to enjoy. Set to release on May 25, the City of Ghosts DLC features a new story set after the events of Cloudpunk’s main campaign. 

The DLC not only continues the story of Rania and her dog Camus, it also adds a brand new playable character to the mix named Hayse. What’s interesting about this is that you’ll be able to switch between Hayse and Rania as you work your way through the City of Ghosts DLC.

Adding replayability to the DLC’s campaign, there are multiple endings that you can unlock based on the choices that you make. According to the DLC’s Steam page, Cloudpunk’s City of Ghosts DLC also adds several new features to the game including street racing and vehicle customization.

The full description for the Cloudpunks City of Ghosts DLC is as follows, with text courtesy of Steam

“In Cloudpunk – City of Ghosts, you play as both Rania and new character Hayse in a more dangerous, more tense city of Nivalis. As Rania attracts the unwelcome attention of the massive delivery corporation Curzona, she must also evade a secret society of AI worshipping zealots.

Her night gets even worse when the Debt Corps finally track her down, and Rania finds herself trying to outrun her past as well as a homicidal, chimeric cyborg. Meanwhile, drunken gambler Hayse tries to clear his debt before morning, but with an appetite for self-destruction and a bumbling CorpSec android for company, the odds aren’t in his favour.

In this direct sequel to Cloudpunk, we see Nivalis through eyes old and new as two stories intersect, and the fate of Rania, Hayse, Camus, CORA and the city itself will be in the hands of you, the player.


  • Return to the city of Nivalis to explore new areas and meet new characters.
  • Play through a brand new, fully-voiced campaign as long and as compelling as the base game.
  • Compete in street races and fully customize every aspect of your HOVA to craft the perfect racing vehicle.
  • Experience multiple endings based on choices made throughout Cloudpunk and City of Ghosts that will change the city and the characters living in it forever.
  • Play as multiple characters including Rania, Hayse and more as you embark on a more ambitious, more dramatic campaign.”

If you’re as excited for Cloudpunk’s City of Ghosts DLC as we are, be sure to keep an eye out for its release on May 25. Stay tuned, as we’ll undoubtedly have more on this awesome expansion after it’s released later this May as well! 

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