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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Classic Tunes with K.K. Slider

by Prima Games Staff

When it’s time to unwind on the weekends, you can head to Dr. Shrunk’s Club LOL for a laid back concert from K.K. Slider. As the town’s resident canine musician, he starts playing guitar every Saturday night at 8:00, choosing songs based on your mood. You can even make your night more special by making a request.

The rest of the week, K.K. Slider transforms from guitar-wielding songster to DJ K.K., making Club LOL a fun place to relax any evening. Thanks to his Animal Crossing: New Leaf repertoire of 91 songs, he has something for everybody—even remixed NES tunes you might recognize.

Be sure to stop by on the Saturday before your birthday to hear him sing a birthday song just for you. His songs range from upbeat to blue, and you can even take home a copy of a song you request on Saturday. Every album cover is different, so hanging album art on your walls can brighten up your home even after K.K. Slider’s concerts end for the night.


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