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Civilization 6 Will Get Rise and Fall DLC in Early 2018

by Josh Hawkins

Since the game’s launch near the end of 2016, Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 has drip-fed the community with incremental content updates like Steam Workshop support, mod tools, a free demo for users to try, and even a new race pack. Now, though, the strategy game maker is looking to take things to a new level by offering the “deepest Civilization experience to date” when Civilization 6’s first big DLC ‘Rise and Fall’ releases in February of 2018.

Currently set to debut on February 8, 2018, Rise and Fall will task players with guiding their civilization through an even more in-depth series of “Great Ages” where they’ll need to worry about the consequences of their actions. 2K explained the idea by stating that players will need to worry about their civilizations going through “Dark” and “Golden” ages, depending on their actions in-game. The ages will be decided upon based on your Era Score, which means you’ll need to do your best every era, or things will get more difficult. According to 2K, if you can manage to “rise triumphantly from a Dark Age, your next Golden Age will be even stronger—a Heroic age.” While Dark Ages won’t be impossible, it has been stated multiple times that they will be much more difficult than regular ages, and the Dark Age will last an entire era, which means that players will have quite a bit of strife to deal with.

The Rise and Fall DLC also brings a new city loyalty system with it, which gives each city its own individual loyalty rating towards the player leadership. This means you’ll have to worry about keeping everyone happy as you strive to make your civilization grow and expand across the map. Alongside the new loyalty system, players will also get their hands on eight new civilizations, nine new leaders, and a plethora of new wonders, units, buildings, and districts. You can check out the official announcement trailer below.

The developer aims to make Rise and Fall the premiere Civilization experience, and according to Firaxis’ Anton Strenger, “players will be both challenged and rewarded in ways never seen before in the 26 years of the Civilization franchise.” It’s a big claim, and we’re sure that players can’t wait to see what the expansion has to offer when it debuts on February 8, 2018. Learn more by checking out the full DLC announcement.