Cities Skylines 2 Performance Issues Make it a Natural Disaster, Steam Players Agree

The city isn't the only thing that needs to be rebuilt.

Cities Skylines II was one of the most anticipated games for those who love the idea of creating and running a world of their own, but it seems performance issues across the board are causing players to question what happened during construction.

Venturing into the reviews for this recent release, players are plagued with performance issues across the board, with Steam users such as Stin voicing concern for this recent release. Looking at their specifications, they’ve got a pretty beefy PC, one of the best on the market, and the game could hardly push above 30 FPS in the main menu. That’s rather concerning, especially since they’re not even in the game yet.

However, as the game currently sits at a 27% positive rating, players love the improvements that the game brings. New features and additions seem to make Cities Skylines II a drastic improvement over the original game in almost every way, but the sacrifice to performance is even noted in some of the positive reviews.

While the ironically named Colossal Order Ltd. has just that to do to earn back the trust of their fans, it seems that Cities Skylines II will be an excellent management game once it has been properly optimized. Why it was released in such a poor state is something I do not understand, but the meat on its bones is good and juicy. How long is it going to be before this one is fixed? We don’t know, but the team is trying its best to help those who have purchased it get the most out of it until an official fix is released.

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At least there is an optimization guide, I guess? It’s an interesting move for sure, but we can only hope that the team behind Cities Skylines II can get the game back on the right track so players can start experiencing the rich city-building simulator before them rather than experiencing a 15 FPS mess as it is right now.

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