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Chucklefish’s Magic School RPG is Officially Called ‘WitchBrook’

by Larryn Bell

If you’re a fan of pixelated sims like Stardew Valley, then you may have heard about project Spellbound, the upcoming magic school RPG currently being developed by Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish. Well, don’t get used to calling it Spellbound for too long, because the game now has a proper title: WitchBound.

Earlier today, Chucklefish CEO and designer Tiy revealed in a tweet that WitchBrook is the official name of the studio’s upcoming project, formerly known as Spellbound. The reveal tweet also included an image from the game that appears to be a potion brewing classroom. You can check out the new image of WitchBrook below.

WitchBrook seems like a fitting title, considering the game is all about attending a school to become a young witch or wizard. Think Harry Potter or Little Witch Academia, but with the charming pixel art style of Stardew Valley.

Aside from the fact that the game takes obvious influence from Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and the like, there isn’t much more information available about WitchBrook as of yet. Shortly after the name reveal, Tiy also added that, “WitchBrook is still quite a way off,” but that the team wanted to get the real name out in the wild for the sake of keeping fans in the loop.

WitchBrook is currently planned for release on PC, but the game may come to other platforms like Nintendo Switch as well. Until then, you can prepare yourself for WitchBrook by getting back into Stardew Valley.

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