It's been a while since we've heard from Chris Roberts, the creator of the Wing Commander series.  But has been busy, and today he's launched the KickStarter for an ambitious new project that he's at the forefront of – the awesome-looking Star Citizen.

Roberts stated about the project, "Those who pledged via Roberts Space Industries through our very rough first week of operation and those who make a pledge going forward on Kickstarter or on our site will all have their pledges tied directly to their Roberts Space Industries account. Nothing has changed there. We just hope that people will understand the situation we were in and support us and support what we plan on bringing to the table for PC gamers everywhere."

The game, being made by the Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (is that an awesome company name or what?), is a huge space epic that will take PC gamers on a huge new adventure once it's green-lit.  You can catch the trailer for the production – and donate to it – at the KickStarter link here.

It looks captivating thus far, and it's already $180,000 in for its $500,000 goal.  Make it happen!