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Chivalry 2 Has Sold Over One Million Copies Since Launch

by Morgan Shaver

Chivalry 2 developer Torn Banner and publishers Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver have major cause for celebration this week as it was revealed that Chivalry 2 recently hit an impressive milestone. 

Since the game’s June 8 release, Chivalry 2 has sold an impressive 1+ million copies! Other stats were provided in addition to sales numbers that players will likely find interesting as well, including the Messer being the weapon players use the most. 

Chivalry 2 Has Sold Over One Million Copies Since Launch


Chivalry 2 has officially sold over one million copies following its release on June 8! To celebrate the momentous occasion, developer Torn Banner released an image of stats (seen above) that players may find interesting. 

According to these stats, Chivalry 2 has not only sold over a million copies since launch, 8+ million total hours have been played as well with 420+ million Knights killed in battle, the Officer serving as the #1 subclass, and the Messer slicing in as the game’s #1 weapon. 

Commenting on the sales numbers and stats released today, Steve Piggott, President of Torn Banner, stated: 

“Despite just launching in June, over a million people across five platforms have already played Chivalry 2, which tells us how much more potential the game has to grow. We are so happy to have brought Chivalry 2’s unique experience of bloody, epic medieval warfare to so many people – and we’re already hard at work expanding the game much, much more.” 

Adding to this, John Gibson, CEO at Tripwire, exclaimed: 

“Today we’re thrilled to celebrate the amazing milestone of Chivalry 2 selling over one million units in less than two months! We’ve been blown away by the response from players and critics alike, and the team is already hard at work on more great free content and adding highly requested features such as cross-platform parties.” 

The last item mentioned by John Gibson is big, as Chivalry 2 players have been clamoring for things like cross-platform parties following the game’s release. It’s nice to hear reassurance that features like these are in the works. 

For gamers curious about the sort of content they can expect to see in Chivalry 2, Torn Banner previously shared a detailed roadmap on the game’s official website.

In the roadmap, you can see everything from auto-balance improvements to the addition of new weapon types in development, you can also see some ambitious content plans for the farther out future like the addition of horses.

We’re genuinely looking forward to seeing updates and patches continue to roll out for Chivalry 2, especially if these updates will eventually include new weapons, maps, horses, and more! 

Setting the roadmap aside, the key takeaway from today’s stats is that Chivalry 2 has sold incredibly well in the span of two short months, and will likely continue to do well in the future.

Which is awesome to consider, especially for gamers who’ve already been enjoying everything that Chivalry 2 has to offer – like its Officer subclass and Messer weapon. 

Which brings us to an important question, have you been playing Chivalry 2? If yes, what are your favorite subclasses and weapons to use? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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