A lot of countries are rather strict when it comes to gaming, like Australia and its long-time ban on violent content (before it eventually lightened up and allowed releases), but now China could very well be showing some leniency when it comes to letting people get video game consoles again.

According to a report from Bloomberg News (taken from China Daily), members of China's Ministry of Culture are in talks with other political teams in regards to lifting the ban on the game consoles, which has been in effect for over a decade.  All parties would need to agree for the ban to come to an end, provided everyone can agree that they don't nearly have as much of a negative effect on children as they first feared, which led to the ban in the first place.

Sony and Nintendo could clearly benefit from the lifting of the ban, as reports indicate their stock rose on the Japanese market following the story's printing.  We'll see what comes of it in the weeks ahead.