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Children of Morta 2020 Roadmap Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

Children of Morta is a stunning 2D pixel art hack-n-slash rogue-like that offers both danger and beauty at ever term. While players have been enjoying what the world of Rea had to offer upon release, there is still so much more on the way from 11 Bit Studios and Dead Mage. 

With a new Shrine Challenge and the arrival of the New Game+ mode, there are a lot of reasons to jump back into the game – and a lot of reasons to give it a try for those that have yet to dive in. According to the studio, here’s what fans can look forward to in the year ahead: 

  • Shrine of Challenge (I) introduces hard difficulty and an item pack with more than 20 new items including Charms, Divine Graces and Divine Relics.

  • Setting Sun Inn (II) invites you to New Game+ mode in which players carry their unlocked characters, skill tree, Morv, and Workshop Upgrades into a new playthrough after completing the game.

  • Random Encounter (!) means what it says and says what it means – you’ll never know what you might find here!

  • In the Bergsons’ House (III) a new playable character awaits.

  • The Fellowship Sanctuary (IV) adds the much anticipated online co-op to the game.

  • Temple of the Endless (V) contains a series of arenas with waves of enemies, mini-bosses, and a new boss. This Endless Mode fully supports online co-op.

  • The Treasure (VI) update will contain more than 30 new items including Charms, Divine Graces and Divine Relics.

For those that are like us and are suckers for beautiful soundtracks, the game’s OST is also available now on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify for all to enjoy. As for the game itself, you can check out what Children of Morta has to offer right now, because this charming indie adventure is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.