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Check Out The New Knight Fever Course in Fall Guys Season 2

by Morgan Shaver

Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout releases on Thursday, October 8. If you missed the teaser trailer, Season 2 will feature a medieval theme with stylish new costumes based around knights, dragons, wizards, and more.

It will also introduce new courses to the game including one called Knight Fever. Curious about the map hazards you’ll encounter while racing to avoid elimination in Knight Fever? Here’s a closer look! 

Check Out The New Knight Fever Level in Fall Guys Season 2

Knight Fever is one of the new courses that’ll be available in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout once Season 2 begins on October 8. A preview of the course was posted to IGN’s YouTube today which shows what you’ll have to deal with as you stumble your way to the finish line. 

The course features a number of formidable hazards from logs with spikes that you’ll have to run around while moving forward, platforms with holes you can fall through if you aren’t careful, slashing blades that can knock you over the edge of the map, and more. 

If you’re able to overcome all of the challenges that Knight Fever has to offer and make it through to the end, you’ll qualify for the next round. According to IGN, Knight Fever was “designed as an episode-opening race, ideally featuring 60 players, of which 75% will qualify” which sounds both good and bad.

Good that it’s an opening race with a higher chance of qualifying, bad that you’ll have to navigate the aforementioned obstacles alongside 59 other players. It sucks when your route gets blocked and you have to try and go around only to get smacked by a swinging blade.

In addition to the video that offers players a preview of the Knight Fever course, concept art was also shared by IGN that shows everything laid out from start to finish.

In the photo, you can see the uphill run with swinging blades and holes you can fall through, the spinning spiked roller section, a downhill section with more blades and more holes to fall through, sweeping spiked rollers, an uphill ramp leading to the drawbridge platforms, and the finish line at the end. 

Source: IGN

It seems complex for an opening course, and will certainly take some time to master when it comes to strategy. Again, you not only have to deal with the course itself, you also have to deal with the roadblocks, chaos, and confusion of other players.

It’s all in good fun though, and we’re genuinely looking forward to trying the Knight Fever course out for ourselves once Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout begins on October 8.

In the meantime, what do you think of the course? Does it look easier than you expected? Harder? Share your thoughts with us on social media! 

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