For the first time ever, a player has finished Diablo 3 in Hardcore Inferno mode, and with a Hardcore character, just over a month after the game was released.

The Inferno difficulty is the hardest setting in Diablo 3, way harder than Hell. The achievement is impressive due to both the fact that the game was completed using a Hardcore character, with which you only live once.

The feat was carried out before the release of patch 1.03, which addresses various bugs in the game as well as looking at some balancing issues and will make the game easier.

It was just yesterday, June 19th that Hardcore Barbarian Kripparrian, with some assistance from a Wizard by the name of Krippi managed to complete all four difficulties. Blizzard’s community manager (after mistakenly thinking it wasn’t true) approved the title.

"My apologies Kripp and Krippi, looks like you were 1st HC Inferno clear," came his Tweet. "(my spreadsheet deciphering isn't what it used to be) Congrats!"

If you want to watch the Diablo kill then it’s below.