If you don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, Nintendo has you covered. Nintendo has confirmed that the second DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors will launch on February 14 for Nintendo Switch and 3DS, just in time for a romantic evening of sword-wielding action.

The second expansion for Fire Emblem Warriors, also known as the Shadow Dragon DLC pack, features an assortment of new skills, history maps, costumes, and weapons based on the classic Nintendo DS game from 2008, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. 

Fire Emblem Heroes Shadow Dragon DLC 1

The Shadow Dragon DLC pack will include iconic characters Minerva, Navarre, and Linde, who each have their own unique weapon specialties. The DLC features new unlockable weapons and attributes for these characters, including Caeda’s Wing Spear, Linde’s Aura, Navarre’s Wo Dao, Minerva’s Hauteclere, Tiki’s Divinestone and Anna’s Bow. Along with weapon upgrades, fans can look forward to new costumes, skills, Armor Break models, support conversations, and history maps as well.

Fire Emblem Heroes Shadow Dragon DLC 2

The Shadow Dragon DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors can be purchased separately for $8.99 on February 14 on the Nintendo website. There is also a Season Pass that contains all three DLC packs for $19.99, including the upcoming third DLC pack arriving in March.