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Celebrate PUBG’s One Year Anniversary with a Free Weapon Skin

by Larryn Bell

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is celebrating its first anniversary by gifting players a complimentary weapon skin for participating in the first year of PUBG on PC.  The Year One SCAR-L weapon skin is available for free as an in-game gift for anyone who logs into PUBG from now until May 1st.

“Throughout our journey, we went from a pre-alpha build that only a few select players knew about to one of the most popular games in videogame history,” said PUBG Corp. in today’s announcement. “We achieved this only with your support and generosity! It’s hard to express the kind of gratitude we feel for our players. For some things there are no right words.” 

Weapon skins are new to PUBG and were initially outlined in the 2018 PUBG Roadmap. This week’s PC 1.0 Update #8 has introduced the new weapon skin system to the game, allowing players to equip and apply customizations to their favorite weapons. 

Players can obtain a variety of weapon skins through paid, random weekly Triumph Crates or from free, non-randomized Raider Crates. Triumph Crates require a Weapon Skin Key to unlock, while Raider Crates do not. You can learn more about each crate and their drop rates in the latest PUBG patch notes.

PUBG officially arrived on PC via Steam Early Access on March 23, 2017. To celebrate PUBG’s first birthday last week, PUBG CEO Chang Han Kim and Creative Director Brendan Greene released a special video to thank fans for their support. In this video, the creators also gave fans a sneak peek at the upcoming 4x4km map headed to PUBG. 

To learn more about PUBG Mobile or to brush up on the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, head over to our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds guide hub.

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