Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough – How to Find the Antidote II

Learn how to defeat Satan's daughter, Raisa Volkova and get through Overlook Tower!

Read Prima’s complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 walkthrough.

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Head back down the path from which you came. When you reach the interior of the castle, wait for the door ahead to open, then go into the next room to see another cut-scene. After the cinematic, use Mist Power to go through the gate, then again at the end of the room to float up to the level above. Replenish Dracula’s magic, then climb the ladders, move across to the center, and use Mist Power to enter the next room. 

Move into the next room and access the Memorial, then use a Void Projection on the sensor the Riot Police dropped. Jump down to the area below and take out the enemies, as well as more Riot Police sensors. Just beyond the sensors, jump on top of the car and climb up the side of the building. Head to the right, then drop down into the next area.

Jump through the crack in the wall on the far right side to find a Pain Box that holds another Chaos Gem. Offer Dracula’s blood in the adjacent room to gain access to another Map Room and teleport back to places with items behind bars if you so choose. Otherwise head into the hallway on the opposite side, then across to the grate and use Mist Power to drop down to the garage below. 

Access the lever to restore power, then take the elevator. Use Mist Power to go through the gate on the right and head down the ramp to find a Pain Box that holds another Chaos Gem. Head the other direction and use Mist Power to go through the gate into the room to the left of the stairs. Access the lever in the corner to restore power, then head out of the room and up the stairs. 

Head up the stairs and take out the monsters that attack, then head up the stairs in the far corner of the room to find another Pain Box that contains a Life Gem. Head into the gated room at the opposite end to find two more enemies and a Memorial. Circle around to the far side of the room and use Mist Power to get into the elevator. Access the lever to reach the next floor up. If the power is no longer on, near the entrance to the room, use Mist Power to go through the gate and drop down to the power room below and restore power again.

Exit the elevator, take down the enemies and head to the right and around the corner to find a Memorial on the right. Circle back around and use Mist Power to drop through the grate. Scale the wall ahead and work your way around to the other side. Take the elevator at the end of the walkway, the follow the next walkway around to the area where the floor is broken. 

Jump over the broken areas to reach the far side, then head down the stairs to find a Pain Box that holds another Life Gem. Head back the way you came and go through the doorway on the right to initiate another cut-scene. Move down the hallway until you see an alcove on the right. Change into a rat within the darkness, then go through the vent on the left.

Head over to the far right side of the room to change back into Dracula, and wait in the corner for another scientist to enter. Quickly sneak up behind the scientist and use Vampiric Possession to take control of his body.  Go directly to the door and access the panel to open it. This completes Dracula’s immediate objective and triggers another cut-scene, followed by a boss battle against the full power version of Satan’s daughter, Raisa Volkova. 

Boss Battle: How to Beat Raisa Volkova, Satan’s Daughter 

Raisa has a wide assortment of attacks. She uses an unblockable charge, several linear ground-based projectile attacks, an unblockable tongue attack, a short range unblockable leaping attack, a tornado attack that travels in a straight line toward Dracula, and a close range circular ground stomp and tail sweep. In addition to all of this, she frequently jumps onto a higher platform and rains down a flurry of projectile attacks. 

Stay at the very tip of Shadow Whip range and use aerial attacks until you see Raise move. Do not stay on the ground of you’ll be susceptible to many of her attacks. If she flinches even slightly, dodge to the right or left to avoid the coming attack. At maximum Shadow Whip range, Dracula avoids all of her close-range attacks, and a left or right dodge evades her linear attacks. If you see an unblockable attack coming that doesn’t involve whipping her tongue around, dodge back to avoid it. 

When she takes to the high ground, continuously dodge in rapid succession in a circular pattern to avoid the barrage of projectile attacks, as well as the stomp attack when Raisa heads back to ground level to continue attacking. Stay on the far side of the area, away from where Raisa is perched so you have space to dodge and avoid the stomp attack. 

With Raisa down, you now find Dracula back at his castle. Turn around and head back into the small room. Use a Chaos Bomb to clear the ice, to you can easily access the door at a later time, then head down the path and continue straight. Jump down to the ledge below and open the Pain Box to the right to obtain another Life Gem.

Climb back up the path, then take an immediate right and jump down to the next platform. Head across the broken bridge, then to the right onto the wooden platform. Climb up the wooden structure until you reach the center. If you have a Dungeon Key, instead of continuing to the right, climb up and maneuver into the small corridor at the top. Use a Dungeon Key at the end of the corridor.

Head back down to the wooden structure and continue making your way to the wooden platform on the far right. Jump across the gap, then climb up the tower to the right to initiate a cut-scene. At the conclusion of the cinematic, Dracula faces off against several normal enemies and a Heavy Brotherhood Warrior. Take out the small fries first, then switch to the Chaos Claws to remove the Heavy Warrior’s outer armor. Watch out for his unblockable attacks and short-range circular stomp attack. With the outer armor gone, he becomes a normal enemy. 

Once all of the lesser enemies have been dealt with, the Brotherhood Cleric attacks and summons several more lesser knights. If you have solid melee skills, ignore the minions and focus on the Cleric. If not, take out all of the lesser enemies, then assault the Cleric once they’re gone. Keep in mind, the Cleric will continue to summon his friends as long as he’s alive, so you must take him down quickly if you choose to kill the lesser enemies first. 

Access the device in the corner to clear the path above, then climb the wall to reach higher ground. Do not go up the stairs yet. Instead, follow the path around to the left. There’s a Pain Box across the way, but this is a tricky jump. The easiest way to make it is to jump toward the ledge that sticks out on the left side of the platform, then while in midair, use Mist Power to lengthen Dracula’s jump.

Open the Pain Box to obtain another Chaos Gem, then jump down to the ledge just below where another Pain Box awaits. Open it to find a Void Gem. If you jump down to the next platform below (to the left), just beyond is a Map Room if you wish to teleport elsewhere. If not, climb back up the tower and drop down onto the platform where you faced the Cleric.

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