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Castlevania Advance Collection Rated by Multiple Organizations

by Lucas White

So, Konami, are you gonna just rip the band-aid off or not? Today, a new rating for a multiplatform “Castlevania Advance Collection” showed up on the Taiwan Digital Rating Committee’s website.

This is now the third such rating, with the respective Australian and Korean organizations publishing their own back in June. An official announcement could be landing any day now.

Castlevania Advance Collection Rated by Multiple Organizations

Taken literally, this Castlevania Advance Collection would include at least three games. Those would be Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow.

For many fans, Aria of Sorrow remains the peak of the series, which would continue on the Nintendo DS before the attempted Lords of Shadow reboot series changed Konami’s approach.

Konami previously released the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which included every main series Castlevania game up to Rondo of Blood, which appears to be tied up with Symphony of the Night in Sony’s “Requiem” collection (for now).

Limited Run Games recently sold preorders for various physical editions of the Anniversary Collection, and will eventually sell a special edition of Rondo of Blood on its own as well.

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