The Behemoth still hasn't provided any release details for its oft delayed Battleblock Theater, even if they've shown it at each event they attend.  But as we patiently await that game's arrival, we do have something else we can play in the meantime.  And it actually has a release date!

The company has announced that it will be releasing its popular console beat-em-up Castle Crashers on the Steam service starting on September 26th.  The game, originally introduced in 2010, revolves around four heroic knights who set out to rescue babes – and the world – from evil knighted forces.

The game will feature full gamepad support, along with Steam Cloud and online multiplayer, so you can beat up thugs alongside your friends.  No word yet on if any extra content or DLC will be included, but just the fact that the game is finally coming is sure to be big news to fans everywhere.

No word yet on pricing, but somewhere around $10-$15 seems like a rather good guesstimate.  Be sure to check it out when it arrives, or you'll be missing out on quite the party.