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Capcom Vancouver Working on ‘Capcom’s Next Big Game’

by Prima Games Staff

Capcom Vancouver is hinting at their newest games in development.  The former Blue Castle Games revealed it is working on a big new game.

“Capcom has one of the industry’s greatest back catalogs but for our next project we’ve been given the opportunity to create Capcom’s next big game,” reads the company’s website.

“We’re just getting started with the game so this is a great chance to really get your hands deep into the design,” read the studio’s job listing. “It’s your opportunity to put your stamp on a game early in the development process.”

The listing also reads “PS… No zombies” implying this new title is not Dead Rising 3.  However, reports have been circulating about Dead Rising 3 being in development, starring a new main character in a new setting in California.

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