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Capcom Sales Flourish In 2012 With Help From Dragon’s Dogma

by Prima Games Staff

While Resident Evil 6 wasn’t exactly the blockbuster that Capcom was hoping for, by no means is the company in any sort of financial trouble.

The company reported that it has seen a net income of 6.6 billion yen ($72 million), up 104.9 percent from its previous report, for the fiscal year.  Its sales have gone really well thanks to a few social games in Japan, as well as its Resident Evil 5 themed slot machine.  But some games played a part as well.

Even though it wasn’t a booming success, Resident Evil 6 did rack up over 4.5 million in sales units, and DMC: Devil May Cry has already cleared a million units, though Capcom was estimating that it would clear two million.  Soon, perhaps.

Meanwhile, Dragon’s Dogma did extremely well for the company, clearing over a million units, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has already done good sales with 600,000 units sold in the last month in Japan.  (It’s expected to hit our shores next month.)

Don’t fret, Capcom fans.  They’ve got a big year ahead.