Capcom Announces New Five Player Dinosaur Shooter Exoprimal

Capcom Announces New Five Player Dinosaur Shooter Exoprimal

by Jesse Vitelli

Ok, so during the PlayStation State of Play today Capcom opened the show with a look at its brand-new IP Exoprimal. The trailer opens with some exosuits and a giant black hole spitting out a cascade of raptors. It looked like Dino Crisis. However, that’s not the case because Exoprimal is a five-player team-based cooperative shooter.

Capcom Announces New Five Player Dinosaur Shooter Exoprimal

The trailer shows off a bunch of different dinosaurs, exosuits, weapons, and more. The PlayStation Blog provided more information on what fans can expect from Exoprimal.

 “Always outnumbered by their foes, Exofighter teams will need to coordinate and select a strategic combination of suits to overcome the odds. Exoprimal is focused around multiplayer co-op gameplay, with each Exosuit having a clearly defined role. Take the aptly-named Roadblock Exosuit – not only is its massive frame built like a tank, but the Roadblock’s shield can hold off hundreds of raptors to protect their comrades. Every suit is built with team-based gameplay in mind, and each suit has unique abilities and weapons that represent their distinct specializations.”

Using your team’s suit compositions will help better apply your team’s tactics. The game allows you to change your suit during a mission, which means if you need to shake things up on the fly you have the freedom to do so.

In the trailer, we saw a T-Rex, Stegasaurus, and more dinos causing havoc around the city.

Exoprimal was officially announced today but is not releasing until sometime in 2023 according to the end of the trailer.

Exoprimal is releasing on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

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