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Cancelled StarCraft Game Footage Leaked, Here’s What Could Have Been

by Liana Ruppert

StarCraft: Ghost was originally meant to launch on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube but unfortunately, the cancelled StarCraft game never saw the light of day. Odd, then, that after 15 years we’ve gotten a second chance to see what could have been especially following all of the reports last year that StarCraft has hit a dead end

According to the leaker, the full game has been leaked to the public, all seemingly coming from one source though vetted through numerous Xbox groups on social media. Before judging the gameplay below too harshly, keep in mind that this was originally meant to be a title released in 2002, so for then these graphics are actually pretty dope: 

There were a few other videos floating around, but unfortunately, it looks like Blizzard is making quick work at getting them all shut down for good. 

While it looks like the future of StarCraft could be grim, there is one small light at the end of this tunnel. Production director Tim Morton and lead co-op designer Kevin Dong sat down with our friends over at PC Gamer during BlizzCon last year and naturally the continuation of the StarCraft series came up. So, where do we stand with a StarCraft 3 exactly? According to Morton, “The best way for us to figure out our future is to hear from players. So, I think if there’s an interest in seeing more RTS games, sending that message to Blizzard would be a wonderful thing.” 

He added, “Ultimately, the team that works on StarCraft 2 is incredibly passionate about real-time strategy as a genre. I can certainly say it’s my favourite genre to play and so far it’s been my favourite genre to work on.” 

With a cancelled StarCraft project scrapped back in 2019 and several members of the original development team has moved onto different projects and companies, it seems like the biggest factor here would be community voice. The Blizzard community has always been passionate and with looming fears of Activision’s influence over the company, it’s more important than ever before to let your voice be heard about what is important to you in terms of gameplay experiences. Show the publisher that the interest is there and that investment in a StarCraft 3 could very well be worth it. 

H/T Kotaku

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