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Cancelled Dreamcast Castlevania Resurrection Demo Discovered

by Lucas White

Castlevania was in a weird spot in the 90s. Even though we lionize games like Symphony of the Night today, they weren’t blockbusters by any means. Ideas like Castlevania 64 didn’t land well, and some never made it to finished form at all.

Castlevania Resurrection was one such game, which has spent decades as only a title and brief synopsis. That changed this week.

Cancelled Dreamcast Castlevania Resurrection Demo Discovered

An unnamed preservationist and/or collector got a hold of a super early gameplay demonstration for Castlevania Resurrection, something that was only seen before by members of the press. This Dreamcast title seemed to be a canon entry, a sequel of sorts to Castlevania Legends on the Game Boy.

The collector reached out to a French games preservation website, showing the disc in their possession and later uploading footage to YouTube. In the video you can see this is an extremely early build, what the website breaking the news called a “pre-E3” build.

You can choose from a menu of various environments, which are incomplete (and in some cases non-functional) but do allow the user to run around as Sonia Belmont, protagonist of Legends. Legends was ultimately stripped from the Castlevania canon, and considering Resurrection was cancelled, that was a wrap for poor Sonia.

As far as fans know, Resurrection’s plot was set in the 1800s, well after Sonia Belmont’s time. She’s revived from her literal grave by unknown forces, and meets up with reluctant descendant Victor Belmont. The only other information on the game notes the antagonist was to be a woman vampire, but Dracula was involved as well.

For now, all we have is this video footage confirming the game’s existence. It seems like the collector is not keen on sharing the data on the disc at this time, but for now this remains a huge leap forward in terms of knowledge for Castlevania history.

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