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Camp With Ghost Bears in Cozy Grove on April 8

by Morgan Shaver

Have you ever wanted to explore an island inhabited by ghost bears? An island where you can go fishing, forage for supplies, craft items, and customize in order to make yourself feel at home?

If the answer is yes, you’ll definitely want to check out Cozy Grove from Alphabear developer Spry Fox and publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild! 

Camp With Ghost Bears in Cozy Grove on April 8

Cozy Grove is a brand new slice of life adventure from developer Spry Fox that drops players off on what seems to be an abandoned island. The key word is “seems” as players will quickly find out that there are residents there, they’re just not of the living kind. Or the human kind for that matter.

The island you’ll explore in Cozy Grove is inhabited by ghost bears, and you have the ability to bring peace to these spirits as a Spirit Scout. To do this, you’ll speak with the spirits, see if there’s anything they need, befriend them, and work to make the island feel as cozy as possible. 

According to the press release, there are “dozens of memorable characters and spirits for you to find and befriend” so you’ll never feel alone. This isn’t a deserted island, it’s a ghost island of the friendliest kind.

In Cozy Grove, you’ll be able to go fishing, collect resources, craft items, and decorate and customize your camp. The game offers procedurally generated changes, a living, dynamic world, adorable characters, and hand-drawn landscapes that make for a nice, relaxing experience.

One you can easily sink dozens upon dozens of hours into. Of course, you’re free to move at your own pace as the game is easy to drop in and out of. In the event you find yourself putting a lot of time into the game though, it does offer a 40+ hour campaign. You also have side quests available to you.

Spry Fox CEO, David Edery, describes it best when saying:

“Cozy Grove is ultimately intended to become a game that you comfortably settle into. It doesn’t make you feel like you need to play for 8 hours in a single sitting to ‘maximize’ your experience, and it doesn’t make you feel like you’ve seen everything there is to see in a few days either.

We want Cozy Grove to become a delightful ritual that you look forward to every day, and for it to remain that way for many weeks, months, and possibly even years. When everything else in your life might be chaotic, Cozy Grove will hopefully be a place you can predictably and regularly find a bit of joy.” 

You can experience the joyful atmosphere of Cozy Grove as soon as April 8 when the game releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Apple Arcade.

Note that a pre-order bonus is available to gamers who pre-order Cozy Grove for Nintendo Switch from March 25 through April 8. 

The pre-order bonuses include three exclusive costumes:

  • Ghost Bear outfit
  • Mr. Kit outfit
  • Cherry Blossom dress

The outfits are adorable, and for us personally, we’re definitely considering buying the game on Nintendo Switch. It just seems like the perfect game for those rainy days when you’re cuddled up on the couch or in bed, or for a game to play when you need to take a quick little break from the stresses of life. 

For more on Cozy Grove, we recommend checking out the game’s official website. You can also watch the game’s adorable trailer down below! 


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