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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Six Trailer Shows Off New Guns, Modes, and Halloween Mode

by Jesse Vitelli

Call of Duty Modern Warfare just got it’s official Season Six trailer. This trailer showcases the new subway system in-game, and some of the new weapons players will get when the update goes live tomorrow. 

Infinity Ward also put out their Season Six roadmap ahead of the launch of the brand new season. It confirms that the AS Val assault rifle and SP-R 208 sniper rifle will be available tomorrow. Later in the season, players will get their hands on a butterfly knife, which will join the melee weapon family.

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Of course, a new season means an all-new battle pass, which is always kept secret until the season goes live. The trailer did give a small tease at what’s to come for Halloween and its spooky. 

The Haunting of Verdansk will feature limited-time game modes, rewards, and more. The trailer implies some sort of tie-in with the horror movie franchise Saw. You can hear Jigsaw’s laugh during the brief Haunting of Verdansk moment in the trailer. How will this be implemented? We have no idea, but it certainly fits the Halloween spirit.

Season Six is set to be the last Seasonal update before Call of Duty Black ops Cold War is released. It seems like Infinity Ward is going all out for this final season. Outside of the Halloween event and new weapons, Season Six also brings a night-time mode to Warzone. 

If you’ve ever wanted to play Warzone in the dark, now you’re in luck! Bust out your thermal scopes because it’s going to be hard to see your enemy.

If you’re not a fan of Warzone, don’t worry! Season Six also brings two new maps. Broadcast is a fan favorite from the original Modern Warfare, and the Tank Factory is a brand-new map just for this iteration of Modern Warfare. 

There is also a new Gunfight map, “Station” and Ground War map.   

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