This is a weird one, folks. But considering how inevitable this videogame existing is, and how funny this exchange was, we want to share it. Jeff Leach, current active streamer and the voice of Ghost in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, taunted someone he was arguing with during a stream by stating, “Guess what? I’m in the next one too, motherfucker.

So yeah, if you didn’t already figure it was coming, Infinity Ward’s next turn at Call of Duty is almost assuredly Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Voice Actor Seems to Confirm (or Re-Confirm?) Modern Warfare 2

I know, we’re all shocked. The story gets a little more strange from here, as the person Leach was arguing with took a clip of this moment to Twitter, tagging every major Call of Duty news outlet to either just be part of the scoop or to escalate the tiff further. Who knows!

Leach responded to that too, stating he already confirmed the sequel on stream with its director “4 months ago.” As a journalist, but one with some self-preservation instinct, I did some digging there and couldn’t find any obvious references to that moment.

That isn’t to say that it didn’t happen and Leach has taken smacktalk to a fictional realm, but that I’m not self-destructive enough to watch hours of stream archives. I found no other reports or anything about it, so perhaps it just went by unnoticed. I dunno folks; I just work here.

Either way, Leach seems confident the team at Infinity Ward are cool with him talking about his role in the next game, even stating in a later tweet that his character has a role in the campaign. Voice actors have often been a source of early information like this, seemingly because they aren't given the same information or restrictions as people on the development team.

That's conjecture, but there's been a long history of games being "leaked" by a voice actor, musician, or other non-dev person alluding to games before they're announced. Sometimes that stuff gets deleted shortly after, sometimes it doesn't. Videogame secrecy is weird.

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