Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a soft reboot of the game that many shooter fans fell in love with (Soap, why?!), so seeing that entire story reenvisioned in today's climate and graphics is more than a little exciting. To further amp up FPS players, Treyarch revealed a closer look at one of their new modes coming soon and this fast-paced Gunfight is one that will definitely challenge Call of Duty fans. 

Gunfight was revealed during a recent livestream that pits two teams of two against each other in enclosed maps for high challenge, high risk, and even higher rewards. The Gunfight mode will take place over the course of several rounds with the first team to take down six rounds taking home the win. 

As one would expect with close quarters, speed is vital and made even more so with a 40-second timer. Control the area where a flag will appear, control the round. It's competitive, but that's why we like Call of Duty multiplayer so much. 

Gunfight will also offer three maps: 

  • Pine, forest
  • Stack, container yard
  • King, warehouse

Each map provides unique cover and places to gain a tactical advantage, but thinking on your feet is what will help ring in that victory. 

As for the game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on October 25th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Thoughts on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare new Gunfight Mode? What else are you hoping the devs have up their sleeves ahead of launch? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!