Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continues to build upon the game since launch to make sure that players of its multiplayer component never grow bored. In addition to the upcoming changes to the popular Gunfight mode confirmed earlier today, Infinity Ward also confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is adding new maps and an all-new game mode as well. 

The team took to Twitter once more to confirm the new features slated for this Friday, November 8th. According to the tweet, free maps are on the horizon in addition to the new game mode: Hardpoint. As per the announcement, the two new maps include the Shoot House and the Krovnik Farmland: 

Hardpoint is definitely not anything new to the Call of Duty franchise, but it is one of those modes that fans love. The new additions will come alongside the upcoming patch that will nerf the 725 shotgun (which is a much-needed nerf) as well as a few Claymore changes as well. 

Are you excited for the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps and game mode? What would you like to see the team over at Infinity Ward add next? Sound off with what you'd like to see on the horizon over on Twitter by hitting us up @PrimaGames